Frequently Asked About Features

Welcome to the “What’s new” blog! Learn more about new features or updates as they are added. Find this page under the top left menu in your Blink app, and tapping “What’s new”. Please note that this requires the latest app update to discover.

To begin our What’s New series, below are some of the most asked-about features the Blink system provides, which you may not be aware of:

Scheduled arming

You can schedule all cameras on your system to automatically arm/disarm for motion detection at preset times each day. To do this, tap your system name at the top of the Blink app home screen, select “scheduling”, and then tap the plus button in the top right corner to add your arm/disarm times. Once brought to the next page, toggle between arm/disarm and “save” after you set the schedule for each day.

For additional information, please review our Technical Support article: 

Individual Camera Arm/Disarm

Tap the running man icon above the thumbnail of each camera to individually arm/disarm each camera. When the icon is blue, the camera is armed to detect motion. When the icon is gray, is it disarmed. When you toggle your system to arm, your cameras will default to the last configuration you set.

For additional information, please review our Technical Support article: 

Blue Recording Light Switch

You can manually turn the blue recording LED on or off from within your Blink XT or Blink XT2 cameras. To do so, simply remove the battery cover, and use tweezers or a similar tool to adjust the switch under “REC. LED” to either, “ON” or “OFF”. When “ON” the blue light will turn on each time the camera is in use, when “OFF” the camera will not indicate when the camera is in use. See photos below for help:

For additional information please review our Technical Support article:

What is a sync module

The sync module is the hub for all of the cameras in your system, and allows your Blink cameras to communicate with our servers and relay commands to your app.

Your cameras and sync module can best communicate when positioned within 100 ft. of each other without thick walls blocking the line of 100 ft. See image below for suggested placement.

If you do not have a Sync Module OR if it is offline, you will be unable to do the following:

  • Create a Blink system
  • Add new Cameras or Blink devices
  • Manage or access your system