New SmartHome Skill Features for XT2 and Mini

Alexa Motion Announcements and Routine Trigger Now Available

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest Blink SmartHome Skill features, Motion Announcements and Routine Triggers, now available on Blink XT2 and Mini cameras.

Motion Announcements are audible notification features for select paired Echo devices triggered by your supported Blink cameras (XT2 and Mini). Upon motion detection, Alexa will announce “Motion detected at [camera name].

To enable Motion Announcements, go to your Alexa app. Under your paired camera’s settings, switch the “Motion Announcement” toggle to “on.”

Routine Triggers allows you to set recurring actions of your choice for Alexa to automatically perform. For example, you can use Routine Triggers to automatically turn on smart lighting each time your Blink camera detects motion. Alternatively, Routine Triggers can turn off your smart lights when no motion has been detected for a set period of time.

To create a Trigger, go to your Alexa app, tap the hamburger (3 line) menu and select “Routines” to customize your experience!

For added convenience, we recommend enabling “Early Notifications” in your Blink camera’s settings so you can receive an audible notification on your Echo device as soon as the motion detection is triggered. Using any connected Alexa device with a screen, you can ask, “Alexa, show me [camera name]” to view the motion event or inactivity that triggered the routine. For more detailed instructions, please visit our Support page for Motion Announcements here and Routine Triggers here.